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What Sets Us Apart

We are not your typical digital agency. We take a different approach to solve your needs.

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Matthew Johnson


Our Team

Matthew Johnson is a digital marketer who has worked for clients in Professional Services, such as therapists in the Healthcare industry, as well as clients in the Non-Profit and Arts & Cultural verticals.

In his 5 years of helping clients grow and reach new success milestones, Matthew has acquired skills and knowledge which have allowed him to take on his own clients – providing more diversity in the services provided to clients and unique solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Over the years, Sapphire Wolf has taken on a number of projects that have spanned across a variety of industries. Through that experience we have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into what makes each industry tick, and how to get the results you desire.

That is not to say that we do not have our own weaknesses, but even in our areas we are weakest, we are highly adaptable to your needs.

Web Design

We create stunning web sites that capture and hold the attention of your visitors. Reduce bounces and increase conversions.

Graphic Design

Impactful graphics support your messaging. We will create and select only the best for your site.

Web Development

A great front-end needs a great back-end. Security, stability, and agility are what we are known for.

Social Media

Optimizing posting schedules, generating content, and promoting exposure will propel your social media account to the next level.


Get top placement for organic search results. We will ensure your site is getting visibility everywhere.

Reliable Results

Our sites have a proven track record of boosting conversions. We will implement and track analytics to prove it.

Mobile Responsive

Janky mobile experiences are so 2006. In 2021, we do things a bit differently – all of your content will be 100% mobile responsive!

Web Design

Stunning sites and pages that will take your business to the next level, allowing you to focus on the operations while we supercharge the user’s experience.

Graphic Design

We will provide gorgeous, jaw-dropping visuals that will help elevate your site to be more appealing, leading to more conversions!

Company Values


You will not find smoke and mirrors when working with us – we believe transparency is paramount as it gives you a glimpse into the progress of your project and any pitfalls that may lurk in the shadows.


On the back of Transparency comes Honesty. We will not promise or promote something we cannot do. We also pride ourselves in being straightforward with our answers, as well as our recommendations and suggestions.


Even if we believe something might fall outside our scope or expertise, we will work tirelessly to grow our own knowledge and skills to provide the best results we can. Until we can rule something out, we give it our all!


Respect between two parties is at the heart of our operation. We love working with people and making their dreams come true. With respect and understanding, it unlocks us to reach new heights and produce high-quality products.

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